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Kennedy`s September 2002 Pictures ( 7 months old )

I make this look GOOD !!!
Well, as you can see Im a very cute cat. I love melon, sweet corn and a good bun now and than. Playing hide and seek is one of my main passions, including killing Norton the Duck. I live in Chislehurst - Kent and am no ordinary cat, so people tell me ... Well, I love my dad ... not so sure about my mum though ... Shes just too fussy with me!!! Enjoy my pictures and Miauw Miauw !!

Kennedy Morris reporting for duty Sir - Yes Sir -Ready Sir.
Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
But they fought with expert timing ...
Gimme Gimme
Hey ... Is this beer? Yeah, Gimme some more off that !! I`m a Party Party animal - WooW !! Where`s a FOX when you need one hey !!
Just the 2 off us
We`re the main dudes in town - Yeah - I love my dad, he always calles me shitface and I think that`s pretty groovy for a dad isn`t it ??!!
Bad Boys
Stick together, never Sad Boys
They made rules for fools, so get wise...
Yeah, this is my mum ... as you can see i can`t be asked to cuddle her. I`m a boys cat !! No mum, get away - Phuw Phuw - HELP ME DAD, SHE IS @ IT AGAIN !!
Guess - What am I thinking ...
Oh let me go, let me go
Oh let me go, let me go
Oh let me go, let me go
Please let me go ...

Dad please come and get me,
because you`re SO fantastic
and my mum is just a spastic !!!
Hahahahah !! Just Joking mum !!
Yeah Yeah Yeah
I think that`s about all your going to get today MUM, enough cuddles and pictures now - I need some FREEDOM !!!!